Cagarras Archipelago

Cagarras Archipelago

In front of the Ipanema beach, only five kilometres away, there is a unique archipelago, inhabited only by seagulls, boobies, herons, cormorants and other species of birds. It consists of several islands: 1) lha Cagarra, 2) Ilha de Palmas, 3) Ilha Comprida, 4) Ilha Filhote, 5) Ilhota Grande, 6) Laje de Cagarra.

There is no consensus about the origin of the name. The most accepted is that it would be due to the large amount of droppings of seabirds that inhabit or fly over the archipelago. They feed mainly on fish and then excrete the excess calcium of their meals on the rocky slopes of the islands, staining the white. In 1730 , the main island, Cagarra, figure on a nautical chart with the Frenchified name “Cagade Island”. In another chart, dated 1767, appears with its name in Portuguese : “Ilha Cagado”.

On 13 April 2010 the incumbent vice president José Alencar signed a decree creating the “National Monument Cagarras” on the initiative of Mr Fernando Gabeira of the Green Party; the islands are therefore a unit of environmental preservation.

Today, the beauty of the Natural Monument of Cagarras Islands can be admired through the water, by snorkeling and scuba diving, always following the rules of minimal impact. Landing on the Islands is currently subject to authorization of the administration of the unit.

Cagarras from the sea

Our sailing route to the Islands

Below you can see our sailing route. On our way to the islands we pass in front of many beaches and touristic attractions. You will be able to see:

  1. Praia da Urca
  2. Praia do Porto
  3. Fortaleza São José
  4. Forte Laje
  5. Praia de Fora
  6. Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf)
  7. Praia Vermelha
  8. Praia do Leme
  9. Praia de Copacabana
  10. Praia de Ipanema


See Rio from the ocean is a privilege !

Once you get there we will anchor for app. 2 hours and  you will be able to relax in a unique environment. A board will be available to our guests that want to try Stand up paddling. A maximum of 20 min will be allowed, so everyone can have a chance to try. Some masks will also be available for snorkeling around the boat.

We support you in having memorable experiences !

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